by Christopher Ferris

Released 2012
Released 2012
A series of solo piano improvisations remarkable for their beauty, technique, and sense of composition, filled with surprises and complexity and deep emotion.
Improvisations was recorded at Lake Union Recording on a Baldwin SD-10 concert grand piano over four sessions in January and February of 2012. While a true definition of improvisation is elusive, for me it means how I play the piano. No sheet music or memorized repertoire, no path provided by another to follow. Just an instrument I have loved and played for as long as I have memories.

In the end I chose to name the final selections. They are no longer ephemeral; each time I listen to them they are the same now, note for note. I chose these pieces because they are evocative to me, emotionally, visually, or they have a story to tell. The names seem to capture the nature of each – a moment, a movement, a place somewhere.

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