A Chime in the Woods - 2005

Christopher Ferris

Live solo piano performance. Dreamy, lyric improvisation blending Keith Jarrett, Chopin, Stravinsky, Chick Corea and Debussy.

Christopher Ferris (aka Interkosmos) is a visionary artist who defies categorization. He is a prolific and polished composer; he is an accomplished performer remarkable especially for his extraordinary gift for improvisation. His music reflects his many years of classical training, yet his original style stands out whether in solo piano performances or in his electronic dance music. Ferris’ considerable talents extend in all directions, including graphic design, studio production, business management, and many others. His vision, combined with his infectious enthusiasm and relentless drive, promises a bright and fascinating future.

Discography Proximity, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) March 2006 London Mix, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) February 2006 A Chime in the Woods 2005 (live performance, solo piano) January 2006 A Chime in the Woods 2004 (live performance, solo piano) November 2005 Invasion Warning, INTERKOSMOS (electronic) January 2005 Bonjour Tristesse (solo piano) October 1997

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